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Zubbah is a free Nigerian Marketplace built for everyone. Zubbah is built to connect buyers and sellers as quickly as possible accross Nigeria. It's a free market.

We have an ever growing database, so, whether you're looking to BUY or SELL a car, house, services, and/or even businesses, chances are it's not far from your neighbourhood.

Good user experience is an important part of our core, that is why we dedicate quality time to make the marketplace easy to navigate.

We work tirelessly to make the marketplace safer, and smarter for the convenience of the entire community.

Our Database grows much larger every passing day. So, chances are; "if it's not on Zubbah, then it's not on sale".

Sell anything. Don't leave your old gadgets to ruin, sell them on Zubbah and make side money. #Champion

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Call our customer care line for complaints, and technical support. We are always there to assist you, because your satisfaction is what keeps us in business.

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Read our safety tips before trading on Zubbah. If you come across any ad that seems suspicious or misleading, please bring it to our attention immediately – we’re here to help.
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