How to Sell Faster


Pick the right price

everything sells - just demand the right price
  • Look up similar ads and pick a competitive price
  • Think about how much buyers are willing to pay. The lower the price, the higher the demand.

Write a catchy title

title gives your customers first clue
  • Keep your title brief and straightforward
  • Make sure your title contains keyword that describes what you're selling

Use great photos

grab your customers attentions at first sight
  • Take clear photos - use good lighting and different angles
  • Use actual photos - ads with photos of the real item get up to 10 times more views than ads with catalogue images.

Be available

be there when your customers wants your attention
  • Make sure your contact details are correct
  • Pick incoming calls for it is your customers calling, also check your Zubbah messenger for new messages.

Place Ads in the right category

right place = right customers
  • Make sure your choose the most suitable category for your ads.
  • Ad in a wrong category is likely to attract the right customers