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WOMEN, who consider that beauty is a glory, and who has over the years guarded this glory, already understand something about the luxurious texture that blends naturally with their God-given hair – and let them have as much different style and outlook as they would like. Any of these women, will tell you something about the sensual and sensuous outlook they gain that knocks almost any man instantly off his tracks. They know about the elegance – the glamour – and the glittering lustrous appearance that give them extra confidence and assurance at any social gathering. And for those who won’t overlook this appearance, or leave their God-given beauty hidden with ordinary hair, Palace of Grandeur is right here at your door step, to give you the fairest price possible for a 100% original choke-full human hair - Indian Hair, Vietnamese hair, Peruvian hair & Brazilian Hair. They come in different styles; Straight hair, Body Wave, Deep Wave, deep Curly Loose Wave, Jerry curl, Water Wave, tip bouncy curls Just pick up your phone, and call the number (Precious from Palace of grandeur). Identify the type of hair you want, style and inch size . I’ll send it to you by package mail right away. ‘Our hair’ comes to you clean – fresh – brand new – and 100% original. Soon as you received your new hair, examine and check it out yourself (probably with a professional hair dresser too). If what you see is what we say it is (100% original Human Hair), you may then pay the post man. Call us TODAY ( ) and you will be glad you did! Thank you.

Abuja Municipal, F.C.T State

  Nov 28, 2019 Negotiable